Friday, 23 November 2012

The Secret Business of Lynas Corporation

Friday 23 November 2012
The Secret Business of Lynas Corporation

Why ship its ore concentrate in such secrecy and at night using police escort??
Kuantan| Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) is appalled by the secrecy surrounding the Lynas ore concentrate shipment into the Kuantan port last night.  This is despite Lynas and the Malaysian Government making public announcements that it will adhere to the recommendations of the IAEA to be transparent and open with information to the public.  Lynas has just done the complete opposite.

Mr Tan Bun Teet, SMSL spokesperson who has just returned from a 4-day Australian campaign trip said,”Lynas must be desperately worried to be doing this secretly. At its AGM on Tuesday in Sydney I was there just to hear its Executive Chairman Nick Curtis told its shareholders that the Stop  Lynas campaign in Malaysia consist of just 10 people!  If we are so weak and ineffective, why try to gag us through a defamation action, why ship its ore concentrate in such secrecy and at night using police escort??”

The normal time taken for Lynas ore to reach Kuantan from the Western Australian port of Fremantle is a month.  The Kuantan high court only just lifted the suspension of the temporary operating licence (ToL) on 8th November – about two weeks ago.

Haji Ismail Abu Baker is one of the applicants who seeks a suspension injunction of the Lynas ToL.  He asked “Has Lynas and the WA government acted in contempt of the Malaysian court to allow the shipment to commence when a suspension order was still in place until 8th November or has the Malaysian government granted the import licence in contempt of the court order?”

To date, Lynas still has no safe solution to its massive amount of radioactive waste and its plant’s safety concerns remain outstanding. SMSL has confirmation from Australia that Lynas will NOT be able to return its radioactive waste to Australia – see media release at bottom part of this posting and the statements from the Fremantle Senator Scott Ludlam, and also the ABC report

“We have had enough of this government here in Malaysia. Deploying public funded police force to escort Lynas a foreign company that pays no tax is an insult to injuries. When a government has reduced to doing this, we the rakyat have no choice but to vote it OUT!  Remarked Ram Ponusamy a Kuantan resident who was with SMSL for the Australian campaign visit.

SMSL is pursuing two judicial review cases at the Kuantan High Court and is awaiting a court date for its appeal against the 8thNovember lifting of the ToL suspension through the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

A responsible corporation will wait for the final court decision before sending its raw materials over which risks being carted back to Australia or lay abandoned should SMSL succeed in its appeal and its judicial review to revoke the ToL. 

“Amidst falling stock value and credit squeeze, It is obvious that Lynas is so desperate it has to ship the ore in as fast as possible and in total secrecy – which reputable and respectable corporation will go so low to do that??” asked Mr Tan.

“The latest Lynas dirty tactic has only made us stronger and more determined to Stop Lynas.  SMSL together with other Stop Lynas groups and our supporters in Malaysia and overseas will fight hard.  We will campaign for the rakyat to vote this Government out in Malaysia and we will work with our international NGO network to target Lynas’ funders and customers.” Concluded Mr Tan.

Australian Greens Senators Joint Media Release 
Delegation from Malaysia speak out on Australian company’s controversial Malaysia project
19 November 2012
A Save Malaysia - Stop Lynas delegation from Malaysia will speak out today at the Senate Courtyard on the controversial rare earth processing plant of Australian company Lynas at 1.30pm.

The proposed plant has been the subject of mass protests and legal action in Malaysia.  The Australian Greens support Save Malaysia - Stop Lynas in their efforts.

Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon said “Thousands of Malaysians have taken a loud stance against the Lynas rare earth refinery and the radioactive legacy the plant would dump on local communities”.

“The refinery would create 320,000 tonnes of dry soil waste every year but Lynas has skimped on a full environmental impact assessment and local consultation has been sketchy at the best.  There is no social licence for the controversial processing plant to go ahead.”

“The Australian Greens are adding our voice to Stop Lynas campaign.  When Australian mining companies abuse local communities and the environment in other countries we have a responsibility to speak out.”

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said "In September Lynas submitted an application to ARPANSA to import radioactive waste from Malaysia.  The company intends to ship radioactive ores through Fremantle Port to export them to their plant in Malaysia, and are now pushing for the right to import the wastes of those ores back onto Australian soil.  I know the people of Fremantle won't stand for it”.

"Malaysia’s nuclear regulator Atomic Energy Licensing Board said Lynas was legally obliged to remove radioactive waste from its advanced materials plant and return the residue to Australia - under the conditions of the temporary operating licence.  This defies Australian Government policy, and indeed Western Australian law, which asserts that Australia does not accept or import radioactive waste from other countries.  The company knows it will not get permission to dump the waste in Australia and should come clean about its real intentions.  The people of Malaysia have a right to know."

Senator Ludlam will also comment on the Federal Government’s ongoing Muckaty nuclear waste dump debacle.


  1. They commute the concentrate at night for several reason. Busy traffic at daytime around the port area and it is efficiently do their work at night due to no distraction from the contractor worker at LAMPS during daytime. Furthermore the court has decided. let them do their job. If we concern anything else, please go ask them at Lynas site office. It is clear that they always open their doors if we need any information from them.

    1. Well written zeratul.

      Tan butt plug is just angry he got dupped, while he was off on a batou steel funded holiday .

      everyone knows smsl support is dwindling.

      Lynas share price is rising

       Ram Govindasamy, the Kuantan mutant clearly has a political agenda. If you don't like your government, vote against them, don't use lynas as your political football.

      Lynas its only legally required to ship the waste material out if no commercial application can be found, but these bunch if liars try to misinform the people.

      The defamation proceedings are because this group however small has been deeming this lynas company. Whether one our one hundred, a lie is a lie, you should be sued.

      Also Mr Tan Butt Plug Malaysian law does not extend to Australia, you are very confused. if a company knows it has done everything required by law, of course they would ship their material in preparation for permit. If the court ruled against then they would have to return the ship. In my mind its an excellent strategic move that has paid off.

      You need to accept the umpires decision, you have lost, lynas is winning. Let's hope lynas doesn't make any silly mistakes or shortcuts, then the future will benefit from this excellent company. And smsl will be shelved into the annals of history.

      It wouldn't surprise me if Tan and his army of fools undertake industrial sabotage. I could see them poisoning the local environment and then blaming lynas. This is the length this group would go to.

      Bye bye Teet. Suck it mate.

  2. Unknown (above). What a very stupid way to begin and end a comment. No class whatsoever, resorting to petty name calling like a little child.

    Regardless of the debate you have opened up, we still don't want such an organisation as Lynas in our town, our country. You only need to look what has happened in the past, and you know it just cannot be 100% safe. Why take the risk? Though I believe it's not the government who are ultimately responsible. As long as the Sultan of Pahang says yes, then it's going ahead!

    Anyhow, I hope and pray that somehow we can stop Lynas from planting waste here!

    1. Really? Name calling? Try this on for size,


      Now in relation to your ill informed idiotic reply.

      What has happened in the past? Please tell me...

      If you're referring to Bukit Merah, you should direct your anger to Mitsubishi and also the Malaysian contractors who dumped waste illegally in the fields, rivers and even on the road near school children. Also that waste was 60 times more radioactive than lynas material and it was from Malaysian tin mining.

      Can you please tell me any action in human history that is 100% safe?

      Crossing the street, chance you will be hit by car
      Driving a car, chance you will crash and die
      Eating fish, chance you will die of poisoning
      Why don't you read the blog by Dr Che Rosli on this matter. Don't take my word, the Dr is a nuclear expert, he is with the opposition and he completely debunks anything and everything the anti lynas and smsl bunch of idiots have been lying to the rakyat about.

      So if there is anything stupid on this page..... It is the article above......and it is your comment also.

      "cannot be 100% safe" ha ha ha your an idiot too. Its not name calling if its true.

  3. While Mr Tan was trying to cause trouble in Australia on a supporter funded holiday lynas shipped the ore out. Caught with their pants down SMSL look pretty stupid at the moment. If SMSL predictions are correct they will all die in the next few days you won't be able to carry out your empty threats. If you don't all die from radioactive poison then you must have been telling lies and the rakyat will no longer belive your lies. SMSL will now disappear forever and the Chinese backers will want their pound of flesh. Bye bye Mr Tan

  4. why write soething stupid like this? do you expect them to invite you to disrupt the delivery of their raw material. the problem here is that SMSL got distracted attending the AGM and spending 4 days in OZ. It is not such a secret as I am sure the kuantan port people wud have the info before the ship arrived. it was just that Tan Boon Teet was jollying himself in OZ and ignoring the info given to him. TBT attended the Lynas AGM as a shareholder; that is his business but that distracted the strategy that SMSL should have taken. Booooooo! Boooo! TBT failed to deliver.

  5. SMSL is in deep trouble. If Lynas run the plant and the exposure reading is normal, no enhanced exposure to the environment; how will they compensate the mental anguish they have cost the Kuantan folks?

    If you want to kick BN out = vote against them on real issues such as corruption.
    Using Lynas as a political issue is nice but it will in the end backfire. It is public listed company and for those who know; there is no connection at all with BN and its cronies. It just does not exist.
    What is fact is however; people like KinSteel, SPCI, Malay Sino are all benefitting from Lynas. They take money from Lynas using the right hand; and protest with SMSL raising their left hand. These people are more dangerous than the Thorium as they are hypocrites.

  6. You and your chinease leaders LOST. You can keep embarassing yourself and your country, or you can work with Lynas and make your country great.
    Its too bad guys like tan but head has followers that are so stupid to follow him off a cliff.
    Chinease are behind this protest. They are traitors to your country and you follow them like idiots. they are financing the entire process, tan butt face has no money. How do you think he does all this.